Who are we?

Bold, Edgy, Modern, innovative, trendsetters = A.Good Interior designs


Discovery Call - COMPLIMENTARY - @$0.00

30 min. call. We discuss your design vision and schedule a date and time for consultations.

In-Person Residential Consultations - @$175 and up

Varies by the number of rooms being assessed. We will address questions and ideas. Color schemes, overall designs, measurements, image capturing of your space, capture budget needs

In-Person Commercial Consultations - @$225 and up

Space configuration, color Scheme, measurements, image capturing of space, capture budget needs

Virtual Consultations - @$100 and up

Varies by the number of rooms being assessed. We will address Questions and ideas. Color schemes, overall designs, image/Video capturing of your space, capture budget needs


E Design Packages - @$400 and up

A blueprint selection of furniture, colors, and accent pieces. We will provide a linked shopping list on where to purchase all products selected in the E design. Good for clients that just need a little inspiration for their spaces who are willing to do their own work.

Makeover/Styling Interior Design-@$1,300

-A design that will give your space a refreshing facelift!

Showcases existing and new pieces within the space~purging and replacing furniture, accent pieces and providing color recommendations, handpick item selection, installation of accents pieces

Full-Service Interior Design

(Residential) starts @ $1,800 and up

(Commercial) starts @ $2,500 and up

-Online research to create a modernized visual for your space and utilizing access to vast numbers of vendors and designers

-Color selections~Standard edesign~Furniture, fixtures, accent selections~Ordering of design selections~Space measurements~Personal shopping~Coordination of installation/deliveries/final reveal~In person site visits of space~Before & After video/picture services

Staging Packages - (residential/commercial) starts @$1000.00

500-1000 sq ft: $1,000.00 and up

1000-1500 sq ft: $1,500.00 and up

1500-2000 sq ft: $2,000 and up

Personal Shopping- @ $500.00

-A scheduled day to execute findings of your overall budget, style, and design visionary needs. Consulting on color schemes, accents pieces, paint, and furniture selections that meet the covers of the chosen areas in your residential or commercial space. Traveling to small boutiques, local shops, and the best online deals.

Styling Recommendations - @ $350.00

Providing a professional design selection on bringing your space to life.

-Edesigns of space~direct links for purchasing all items within the edesign~Hand picked boutiques/store where items can be purchased

Outsourcing - Prices vary by project


Organizing Spaces - $80 and up per hour

Includes space planning

Wallpaper Install-@$250.00 and up

Measurements of wall, installation of materials~ providing glue (if needed) and tools~removing/applying sockets, lights plates (does not included wallpaper)

Wall Panel Design (wainscoting) -@$850.00 and up

This design will create a focal point in any room.

-Measurement of overall wall~Measurements of all paneling spaces, Material selection, installation of wall panel design

Painting Services- @$250.00 and up

A skilled painter that can handle all interior and exterior painting needs.

All painting materials/tools provided~Mud work~walls, ceilings, trim, cabinets, furniture, custom accent wall paintings